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Anti-intrusion systems are those security systems designed to appropriately counter and signal any break-in attempt, both in the home and in professional environments.

These systems meet every protection need  based on different construction and environmental characteristics, making them dynamic in relation to the customer's normal habits without compromise.

We provide experience and  all the technical-commercial support necessary before and after the sale to the customer, so that the system can satisfy all of the customer requests for the safeguarding of assets and people.


The anti-intrusion system is mainly composed of a control unit, considered the "heart" of the system itself, where all the sensors, control peripherals, transmission peripherals, signaling devices (acoustic and / or light) and possibly interfaced external equipment are managed .

They are divided into four  protection categories that can work in combination with each other:

  • perimeter protection: all the protection systems installed on doors or windows in general and they are further divided into  passive devices (magnetic contacts and  inertial sensors) or active devices (infrared barriers and infrared sensors with "curtain" effect).

  • internal volumetric protection: volumetric sensors, i.e. sensors capable of detecting movement within an area, capable of working with one or more technologies in synergy (microwave and / or infrared)

  • external protection: all protection systems designed to detect an approach to the protected area in the surrounding external environment. They can also be used to protect an external perimeter (barriers, narrow beam infrared sensors, inertial sensors on fences, underground detection systems) or to protect an external area (external volumetric sensors)

  • technological protection: all of those sensors that can be interfaced with the anti-theft system and which are not intended to detect an intrusion attempt but to detect a technological criticality (such as smoke or gas detection, flood detection, temperature detection, etc.)

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