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Video surveillance

Closed circuit television control systems are the new frontier of security systems.
The drastic decrease in prices following a constantly evolving technology has made these systems accessible also for domestic applications and not only for commercial, industrial applications or for the control of the city territory.
Tday they are among the most useful means to try to fight aggression, robbery and vandalism, thanks both to the deterrent effect and to the possibility of controlling what we cannot see directly, in real time or following an event if there is a video recording system.

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An anti-intrusion system  integrated with a video monitoring system  significantly increases the efficiency of the system. We have a wide variety of video cameras available to install in order to  make it difficult to locate them and neutralize them. If other security systems are already installed (not just anti-theft), we can make possible for the customer to control all of its systems with a single control unit and a single command console and if the alarm is triggered it will see in real time where the event is happening and which sensor has detected the anomalie.

With modern video surveillance systems it is now possible to more effectively discriminate every movement event. In fact, video analysis can recognize a person's face, crossing a specific path, removing an object, passing a license plate and more. Consequently, these events can then generate particular signals or recordings of specific video clips depending on the needs. 

In any case, modern video surveillance systems can also be managed remotely via PC or from a specific app for smartphones or tablets, in order to keep under control the areas subject to video control.


From a technological point of view we could divide the systems into the following categories:

  • analog , i.e. capable of sending the video signal directly to the display / recording unit

  • IP , or "intelligent" cameras that encode the video signal, compress it and transmit it in the form of digital data to remote units for decoding and image management

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