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SecurSYS... since 1996


Secursys  was born in 1996 from the idea of Andrea Cuzari and immediately entered the market as a company specialized in the security sector, proposing solutions  of electronic protection consisting of anti-theft systems, anti-robbery systems, video surveillance systems, fire prevention systems, anti-flooding systems, anti-escape systems for disoriented patients and in these areas it still operates.

The goal that our company sets itself is to satisfy the security need manifested by both the private citizen and the businesses, hotels, shops, clinics or  nursing homes  and all those structures that require particular attention towards the people they host or the goods they store.


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Thanks to the passion and competence that has distinguished us for years and after a lot of research and studies in the field, we are now able to offer  a wide range of high quality products made in Italy, guaranteeing assistance over time, which is not always possible with imported products unless linked to important brands. Added to this are the after-sales services linked to scheduled maintenance and remote assistance of the systems. The continuous training and updates to which our young specialized technicians adhere allow us to keep up with the nascent technologies, ensuring the customer a job carried out with great seriousness and professionalism, in a short time and we guarantee the end user the maximum simplicity and convenience of managing the instrumentation installed.
Theft Protection

We install systems at home and in the workplace, with and without wires, which can be customized according to need and requirement.
We have been collaborating with the company Tecnoalarm for years
, the made in Italy international leader in the anti-theft sector, offering latest generation products keeping up with the emerging technologies

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Video surveillance

Trust ours  team of specialized technicians for your video surveillance system.
We guarantee a complete and professional work
  able to satisfy all needs, even the most complex.


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Fire fighting

We install systems for automatic detection of fire and gas leaks. We collaborate with the Tecnofire company, which absorbs the decennial experience of Tecnoalarm to offer fire-fighting systems that are always at the forefront and following the strict regulatory criteria of the sector.

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Home automation

To improve your home and make your environments more comfortable and flexible, we apply home automation technologies  available to integrate multiple heterogeneous systems in your home. Furthermore, all this gives the possibility to manage in the best way the users and personal needs.

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Escape and access control

We offer access control systems for all those structures that need to regulate the flow of people (such as offices, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.). According to the needs, these systems will then be interfaced for opening doors, signaling, time control or other peripherals.

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For our customers on Tecnoalarm anti-theft systems we offer the remote assistance service, which in addition to economic benefits, provides for the remote control of the system and the possibility, on request, to make programming changes without any technical intervention.

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