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The remote control of a system is now a fundamental part of the technical service, which is thus able to assist the customer on technical problems or for system programming changes (such as : change of telephone numbers, changes to programs, changes in reaction times, elimination or creation of codes, etc.) in a short time and possibly without any on-site intervention.

With the help of a dedicated remote management system it is possible to keep your anti-theft system (and possibly video surveillance) monitored for correct operation 24 hours a day.


With the remote assistance service we avoid all events, even small ones, that can make your system less efficient and we create a direct relationship with the customer, informing them of any critical issues and responding to any doubts or requests regarding safety.

Also included in the remote assistance service are economic concessions with respect to the supply of consumables and components.

Two types of remote assistance solutions are proposed, also evaluating the articulation of the system:

  • Teleservice service without annual inspection visit

  • Teleservice with one or more annual inspection visits

Inspection visits are interventions, during the year, already included in the subscription to a service  of Teleservice  dedicated. The  technicians in charge will intervene on site to verify the correct functioning of all equipment, check the status of the batteries, verify the correct transmission of communications, make changes to programming if required and eventually replace components that present critical issues (components not included in the visit, with discounts agreed upon signing up for the service).

Request a free quote by email at or directly at the headquarters in via Meridiana 12 in Sanremo (IM) and for any information do not hesitate to contact us at +39 0184 543618

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